Petition Update

21 March 2010

Thank you to all who have signed our online petition. We are approaching 300 signatures which is an excellent response in only 4 days! But we need many, many more.
We have been asked by many supporters "Is there a minimum age for people to sign a petition?" We have asked Shipley Planning this question and been advised that there is no lower age limit but, of course, it is necessary that the person signing understands the issues involved.
Please remember that the petition should be signed by all residents who support us so, subject to the above comment on age, please ensure that each of the family sign the petition. The petition can be found at
Lastly please, please, PLEASE contact all your family, friends, neighbours and work colleagues and ask them to show their support by signing our online petition.


17 March 2010

We have prepared two petitions. The first is an online petition on our website. Go to the home page and click on the petition icon to the right of the Greenhill aerial photo. Please email/write/phone your friends and contacts and request them to complete the online petition.
The other is a normal paper based petition and we are distributing it at meetings; placing it in shops, schools and any building that will accept it and arrange for people to sign it; we will take it door to door to collect signatures. We will require helpers for this and please let us know if you are available. In addition we will place a copy in our DOWNLOADS section of the website so you can download this and print off if you wish to collect signatures to aid our cause. The petitions are different so you can, please, sign both.
Please remember to forward completed sheets to our Secretary at the address on the website. It would help if you can email Liz (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) and let her know you are collecting signatures so that we know to contact you when we are collecting them in.

Mystery 'Mound'

08 March 2010

Some residents have been alarmed by the sudden appearance of a large pile of what they believe to be rubble hardcore on the Sty Lane boundary of the site, prompting fears that development work had already begun.
We can confirm that this mystery 'mound' is nothing more sinister that paper sludge which the farmer (who is still working on the fields) is going to use as a fertiliser. Wagons from Site Serve Recycling delivered the loads to the field late in the evening of Sunday 7th March - we assume to avoid causing traffic chaos.

Planning Application Validation

06 March 2010

Shipley Planning Office have confirmed receipt of an outline planning application and that it has been validated on 3rd March 2010. They have also confirmed that neighbour letters, site notices and press notices have been issued. The application number is 10/00961/MAO. The application can be viewed at 
Although Shipley Planning's standard letters of consultation with neighbours refer to a 3 week period for consultation responses to be received, they do take letters and petitions right up to the date of any planning panel and the planning authority has up to 16 weeks to determine this application.
Greenhill Action Group is now moving into full swing and together with our appointed consultants are examining the 110 documents that make up this application and we will be providing advice on valid objections.

Planning Application Update

06 March 2010

We have been advised that Shipley Planning acknowledged receipt of an outline planning application on 3rd March 2010. This is for the construction of 475 dwellings, replacement vehicular and pedestrian swing bridge over the Leeds and Liverpool canal and provision of new accesses off Sty Lane and Micklethwaite Lane, access off Fairfax Road and off site highway improvements.
Is it coincidental that this follows the announcement by David Cameron of the Conservatives plans to reform the planning system?

Invalid Application Returned

20 January 2010

We were advised today by the Shipley Planning Office that, in accordance with their procedures on invalid applications they have returned the Sty Lane Application and documentation back to the developers.
When a revised application is submitted we will let you know.

Neighbourhood Forum Meeting

02 December 2009

A meeting of the Crossflatts and Micklethwaite Neighbourhood Forum was held on Tuesday 1st December 2009 in St Aidan's Church Hall, Crossflatts. The meeting was extremely well attended, with standing room only, evidenced by the huge interest in the agenda item on the Sty Lane Development.
Fiona Tiplady from Bradford Council's Regeneration Department explained how the planning process works and how you can make your views about the proposed housing development heard. The meeting was also attended by councillors Robin Owens, John Pennington and David Heseltine. Greenhill Action Group was well represented by Chairman Terry Brown, Treasurer Pauline Wood, Planning coordinators Trevor Eakin and Peter Fleming plus other members. We were also supported by our newly appointed Planning expert Richard Raper of Richard Raper Ltd.
Fiona explained the need to make valid objections and that if an outline planning application is made with only means of access to be considered, then representations which refer to the access to the site and the effect of the number of proposed houses can be made. Although an illustrative plan may accompany any application, references to a particular house detailed on the indicative plan and its location (i.e. within 1m of a site boundary) would not be relevant issues at the outline stage as these matters would be indicative only unless matters such as layout or scale have been applied for. We recommend you add your email address to the mailing list in the bottom left corner of our home page so that we can advise you at the time of suitable objections.
Among other questions Fiona confirmed:
  • That there is nothing to stop the Developer gaining planning permission then selling on the site at a profit for another party to develop
  • The largest recent planning objection was 2150 objectors plus a 5000 person petition and the objectors were successful
  • The Outline Plan needs to include a indicative plan of the housing in addition to the outline (i.e. bridge) plan and the reason the current application is invalid is that the indicative plan was not good enough.

Planning Application Update

14 November 2009

Shipley Planning Office have confirmed that an outline planning application has been lodged but it has not been registered as it is missing essential information in order for a determination to be made. Until this information is received the application will remain invalid and therefore it is not in the public domain for the moment.

Planning application imminent

14 November 2009

It was reported in the Telegraph and Argus on 5th November that the developers, Redrow and Bellway, are to lodge an outline planning application during week beginning 9th November. The full article can be viewed at the T&A website where you can register 'Your Say' online and help raise the profile of our campaign.

Action Group Reformed

21 October 2009

At a meeting on 16th October 2009 the Greenhill Action Group was reformed to represent interested parties in the Bingley, Crossflatts, Micklethwaite and East Morton areas following the announcement that Bellway and Redrow would be seeking planning permission to develop the Greenhill/Sty Lane area of Bingley with a development of 600 houses.