Application Status

23 October 2010

We were officially advised on 22nd December 2010 that the current application is being held in abeyance at the moment. This essentially means that it is held in temporary inactivity/suspension from determination. The applicants (Redrow/Bellway) have now appointed a new design team and in accordance with the Council's usual practices the Local Planning Authority are currently in discussions with the new design team/applicants over a range of issues.
In light of the above, no planning panel has been scheduled at this time to determine this application. Of course any new scheme/submission of details would be fully advertised in the normal manner.

Bingley Neighbourhood Forum

03 October 2010

There is to be a meeting of the Bingley Neighbourhood Forum on Thursday 7th October 2010 at 7:30pm in the Bingley Arts Centre. One of the agenda items is the Sty Lane Development and Terry Brown will update you on the latest position and answer any of your questions.

MInister of State to Visit Sty Lane

16 July 2010

Thanks to questions raised in the House of Commons by Philip Davies MP, Greg Clark MP, Minister of State at the Department of Communities and Local Government has agreed to visit  the site of the Sty Lane development. He will be in the area on Thursday 29th July and will be meeting with the Greenhill Action Group.

Oakwood Drive

15 July 2010

The Council are suggesting to the developers that Oakwood Drive is suitable for Vehicular access!!!
The following is an extract from the Council's letter to the Developers dated 1st July 2010, a full version of which can be downloaded from this website. "Council engineers consider that, despite level differences, a suitable vehicular and pedestrian access via Oakwood Drive to the site could be achieved for those times when the swing bridge may be out of operation.
With regard to Oakwood Drive it is felt that a link here is important as it will enable the new residents direct access to a network of footpaths and bridleways which lead to the open landscapes and moor lands above Bingley. Also it is important that adjacent residential areas are well connected rather than existing side by side as separate enclaves.
Your client initially considered the possibility of a vehicular access to the site from Oakwood Drive but discounted it due to problematic level issues (see Evolution Statement, paragraph 10.2). Despite the above statement, Council engineers consider that Oakwood Drive could be used for vehicular traffic. Irrespective of the fact that there appears to be disagreement as to whether Oakwood Dive could be used as a vehicular access, one aspect that has not been considered in the application is the potential for a pedestrian only access. . Although there is a change in levels at this location it is felt that a link can still be provided and this option should be explored further.
In summary it is felt that the failure to provide these two links means that the proposal is not properly integrated with its surroundings and connected to existing routes. As such it is considered contrary to the following local and national policy and guidance"

Planning Panel Update

14 July 2010

The Planning Panel, which was delayed until the end of July has been delayed again to a future date to be advised.
The Planning Service have advised they have now completed a detailed assessment of the planning application submitted for the Sty Lane development. This includes looking at all of the public representations submitted and consultations responses made and the proposals have been assessed in the light of all relevant policies.
The Council’s Planning Service has now written to the applicants to seek additional information and / or clarification concerning the submitted scheme. The letter has been scanned and is available on the Planning Service Website. The letter advises the applicants about additional information considered necessary and also sets out officers’ views and opinions about all aspects of the submitted development.
This letter was sent to the applicants about a week ago and as yet there has been no response from the applicants. The applicants can either ask the Council to determine the application as it stands, they can submit additional and or amended details or they can withdraw the application. On this basis it is currently not possible to predict how long this process will take and a Planning Panel date cannot at present be confirmed. However, those who have made representations in writing to the Council would be notified once a Planning Panel date has been set. In the meantime the Council will continue to receive representations from the public and seek to keep the public updated. If significant amended or additional details are submitted the Council will of course formally re-advertise the proposals and give a further opportunity for the public to comment.

Planning Panel Update

26 May 2010

The Planning Panel, which was due to sit mid June, has been delayed until the end of July (exact date not yet known).
In addition, following control of Bradford Council falling to Labour, Robin Owens will no longer be the chairman, this will fall to a Labour Councillor from Bradford.

Objection Letters

02 May 2010

We need you to send in your objection - NOW.
To help you we have created an objection letter and a template in case you wish to add some extra items of your own. These can be found at the top of our Download page. Indeed if you wish to help more please print out the letter and get your neighbours to insert their address and sign it. They should complete one for each member of the family.
Send completed letters to Planning Service, 3rd Floor, Jacob's Well, Bradford BD1 5RW as soon as possible.

Petitions reach 2500 signatures

30 April 2010

Many thanks to all who have signed our petitions. We have exceeded 2500 signatures on our paper petition and nearly 1400 on our online petition which is an wonderful response, but we need many, many more. There is only about 4 weeks left to collect signatures but it will take an effort by everyone to pass round the word and get people to sign up. If you wish to collect signatures, download our petition and obtain as many signatures as possible. Please advise This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. that you are collecting signatures or if you place them in shops etc so that we can contact you to collect them in for submitting.
Remember, the petition can be signed by all who support us so please ensure that each of your family and friends sign the petition.
The petition can be found at

Public Meeting

18 April 2010

As the Council are unable to hold a Public Meeting until next month, GAG have decided to hold our own Public Meeting this week at Bingley Grammar School. The meeting will be on Thursday 22nd April at 7:00pm. We will highlight key features of the planning application and explain what we have done, can still do and what the outcome options are. There will be plenty of time for you to ask questions of our members and our consultants or to make your own comment.
In addition, you can sign our petition and we will provide the facility for you to make your objection to the Council.
We need to fill the hall to show to the Council that we mean business and that the community is against this development. Numbers do count. Please come along and support us on Thursday evening.

Crossflatts Volunteers Needed

25 March 2010

An important part of our campaign area is Crossflatts and we include within that the houses from Bingley Grammar School through to the Dalesway, south of the canal. Following a resignation we need to recruit people from within this area who wish to get involved and help us with leafletting, fundraising, petitions etc. If you wish to join our team and try to STOP THIS DEVELOPMENT please contact Liz Brown - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.