Crossflatts/Micklethwaite Neighbourhood Forum

08 June 2011

There is to be a meeting of the Crossflattsand Micklethwaite Neighbourhood Forum on Tuesday 21st June at 7:30pm in the St Aidan's Church Hall. One of the agenda items is the Sty Lane Development and Richard Pinchbeck and Caroline Illingworth will update you on the latest position and answer any of your questions.

Eldwick & Gilstead Neighbourhood Forum

18 May 2011

There is to be a meeting of the Eldwick and Gilstead Neighbourhood Forum on Wednesday 25th May 2011 at 7:30pm in the Eldwick Memorial Hall. One of the agenda items is the Sty Lane Development and Terry Brown will update you on the latest position and answer any of your questions.

Balloon Race

18 May 2011

The winners of our Easter Balloon Race are:
1st prize £100: Tobias O'Shaughnse, Micklethwaite - the balloon travelled 24.2 miles
2nd prize £75: R Bradbury, Oakwood - the balloon travelled 23.2 miles
3rd prize £50: Molly Brown, Micklethwaite - the balloon travelled 22.7 miles
The finder of the winning ticket was Gordon White, a farmer in Tadcaster who wins £10.
Thank you to all who took part.

Sponsored Walk

18 May 2011

Thank you to everyone who supported us on our walk last Sunday. Whilst we don't have final figures yet we estimate to have raised £1000.

Sponsored Walk 15th May 2011

21 April 2011

Come and join us in the GAG Sponsored Walk.
On Sunday 15th May GAG will be organising two walks along the canal towpath. The first is a 6-mile sponsored walk from Silsden to the Greenhill site; the second is a shorter, 2-mile walk, starting from The Marquis of Granby public house, to the Greenhill site. Both walks will end with refreshments being served at the Airedale Boat Club (opposite the top of Canal Road, Crossflatts).
The objective, besides raising awareness of the campaign and to boost our fighting fund is to involve the whole community in a fun and active day out. We hope that families, friends, neighbours and work colleagues will all come together on the day to show their united support for the campaign. Full details of the walk are shown on our poster which can be downloaded here.
If you would like to join in and show your support you can pick up a Sponsorship Form now by downloading it here.
On the day we shall also require volunteers to carry buckets for collecting donations along the route and for collecting petition signatures. To offer your help please contact Graham Hey This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

New Application??

24 February 2011

You may have noticed that Planning Notices have been erected near the site stating that there is a new application and you need to make representations by 25th March. The Council have got it wrong again. The new application 11/00713/SCO is a request from the developers to the council for a scoping opinion. This means they are asking what information the council and the various consultation bodies require to be included in the new application which will follow. You can make representations on this and we will provide details on our website.

Sty Lane website

11 February 2011

The developer's new website is available today, but it was live on Wednesday. However they subsequently removed it. We then provided a direct link to the individual website pages the developers have removed the website completely. The website is now live and you can view it at
According to the new site they are to submit a new application at the beginning of March so consultation is a sham as they only have 6 working days between the exhibition and the beginning of March. I doubt if they will be changing what they have already produced (in consultation with the Council!!!).

Developers Announcement

10 February 2011

At the Bingley Neighbourhood Forum today a statement was read out from the developers. They have advised that a Vision Document created in consultation with the Council (NOT the community) will be available on the Internet on 11th February on a new website They also say there will be a Community Exhibition in St Aidan's Church Hall on Friday 18th February (3pm to 8pm) and Saturday 19th February (10am to 1pm).

Developers Workshop

03 January 2011

GAG were approached by the Developers on 9/12/10 to become involved in a Developers Brief workshop. Redrow have appointed new architects and they have now decided that they should consult with the local community and interested groups (maybe they have realised the wealth of opposition!!). During the discussion they made it clear that they intend to include in their new application entry to the site along Oakwood Drive and that, assuming it was approved, they would start the development from Oakwood Drive.
GAG have decided that it would be against the ideals and constitution of GAG and not in the interests of the community for GAG to work alongside the applicants to assist in producing a Development Brief for the introduction of their new application. We continue to seek complete rejection of this application.

Support GAG

19 November 2010

We have created a "for sale" signboard for our supporters to erect at their property to show support for our campaign and to help publicise it to the wider community.
These boards cost £15 and we will arrange for the board to be erected for you.
To support us with this you can apply on this site and donate using PayPal or call Terry Brown on 01274 565396 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact any member of the committee.
We hope you are able to support us and look forward to receiving your order.